Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursday 2-12-15


This photograph is from the first year of intensive excavation at Kuaua in 1934. The three individuals on the right wearing overalls are likely WPA workers, and the two  on the left are probably anthropology graduate students  from UNM overseeing the work. The photo is looking east, and captures the Rio Grande and the old train bridge in the background. There are still remains of the train bridge on the property today along the primitive trail.

J. Charles Kelly’s description of the photograph:

“Room 25, Lummis Section, Kuaua. This  excellent room should be given especial notice because of the two good firepits, the well preserved bin, the large ventilator opening into bin from the right (Room 24) and the evidences of burning on floor and walls. Note the appearance of the typical puddled adobe walls.”

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