Kuaua in El Palacio’s Winter Edition


The Winter Edition of El Palacio Just Arrived And…

…The publication is packed with information and articles that involve Coronado Historic Site and Kuaua Pueblo!

  • Tracking Coronado in the Rio Grande Valley: A New Look at First Contact by Matthew F. Schmader (p.42-49)
  • Precious Fragments: Reconstructing the Ancestral Puebloan World of Kuaua by Scott Smith (p.50-51)
  • Why This? For Eyes Only by Penelope Hunter-Stiebel (p.78-79)

There are also advertisements for the following upcoming events:

  • December 7, 5-8:30 pm – Christmas at Kuaua
  • January 18, 2-3 pm – Analysis of Select Faunal Remains from Salmon Pueblo by Ranger Ethan Ortega
  • February 15, 2-3 pm – Early African Americans in the Southwest by Ed Wallace.

Pick Up Your FREE Copy at Coronado Historic Site Today!

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