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Junior Archaeology Lab is Now Open


We are very excited to announce that the Junior Archaeology Lab is now open!

This new program is designed to teach students (and adults) about the science of archaeology and site stewardship through a unique hands-on experience. which was funded by the Friends of Coronado Historic Site and designed by Ranger Ethan. The students will participate in a mock archaeological dig based on the artifacts and structures that were found here at Coronado Historic Site.

In order to be prepared for our first group of students, our wonderful docents gave the Junior Archaeology Lab a trial run. They paired up and excavated units, some found  coursed adobe walls, pottery sherds, fragments of stone tools, and much more. After finishing excavating the area, the group decided that their units were inside of a pueblo room, where people were likely processing food (grinding corn), making stone tools, as well as cooking. It was a blast to get down and dirty with the docents, and though they are all seasoned educators here at our site, I think everyone learned something during the process. We are very excited for our first school group to join us!

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