New Blooms in the Garden

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There has been a remarkable amount of change and growth in the gardens over the last week, mostly it has been due to the 1.5 inches of rain that we have had over the last week. We have had about 4.5 inches of rain for the month of July. The corn has begun to produce ears, about three per corn stalk. The beans are also producing well, but as of now most of them have been eaten by our visitors. The squash is still suffering from the squash bugs, and does not seem like it will recover. Our sunflowers have become extremely tall, the tallest one is nearing seven feet. The sunflowers are also beginning to bloom, with large beautiful flowers. Unfortunately one flower broke off, probably due to the wildlife in the area, but we displayed it on the counter of the front desk.

CLICK HERE to read more about the garden projects.

CLICK HERE to see a time-lapse of the sunflower gardens which have shown a dramatic spurt in the last week.


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