Garden Growth Spurt


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It seems like the plants are growing rapidly now, especially the corn and sunflowers. Every morning a ranger or a volunteer comments on how the plants seemed to have doubled in size over night. There is beginning to be noticeable damage from creatures like grasshoppers, but we are seeing good bugs as well, like ladybugs and pollinators. Our volunteer buffalo gourd has begun to bloom, and hopefully will begin to produce some gourds soon. In our native gardens, the first blooms have appeared on the bean plants. As the temperature of summer increases, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the first few inches of soil moist, but the waffles are continuing to help with deep and concentrated watering of the root systems. Also, it appears that some critters have been digging around in our devil’s claw area, which could be the reason that none have germinated yet.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the garden projects.

CLICK HERE to see a time-lapse of the gardens as they grow.

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