The Weeds Are Gone!

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This week Ranger Ethan spent a few hours weeding the gardens. There was a tremendous amount of thistles, grass, and various other weeds starting to take over the gardens. Now with the weeds gone, we can actually see our native plants! They are all still growing strong, but it appears that the grasshoppers and other bugs have begun to nibble on the edges of the leaves. There is quite a bit of bird activity around the garden, possibly due to the increase of insects in the area. Also, after weeding, Ranger Ethan rebuilt the waffle garden banks. They were still doing their job of retaining water and concentrating it around the plants, but the last month of rains and daily watering had eroded them to about 50% of their original height. Be sure to check back next week to see how the plants have grown now that they are not fighting with the weeds!

CLICK HERE to read more about the garden project and to see previous garden posts.

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