Growing Strong!

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Our seedlings are growing strong! The leaves have broadened and the plant types are distinguishable from one another now. All of the plants have been identified except the amaranth, and the gourds. It seems that either the seeds were not viable, or the curved bill thrasher bird that lives in a neighboring cholla decided to have a snack on our seeds or seedlings.

This week our interns, Zach and Christine  created to planting beds along one of our trails to begin growing our devil’s claw plants, so hopefully in the next few days we will see them sprouting. We have planted both a domesticated and non domesticated variety to use them to teach visitors about the domestication process, and how it can change plants to benefit people.

The waffle structures in the garden are still extremely effective and have been keeping the ground moist. Although, the process of watering the gardens over the last few weeks has begun to erode the walls. There is a high enough gravel content in the soil to prevent excessive erosion. The gravel content also helps with water retention.

CLICK HERE to read more about the Native Gardens project.

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