Artifact of the Week

Artifact of the Week 6-4-14


Object Descriptions:

Object 36.12.47 – Turquoise pendant fragment. Roughly rectangular, frag. of pendant broken through perforation width and lengthwise, chalky green.

Object 36.12.48 – Turquoise pendant. Flat irregularly shaped pendant perforated at smaller end,  green with rust matrix.

Object 36.12.49 – Turquoise pendant fragment. Nearly rectangular flat broken pendant. broken across corner through perforation, light green.


Object 36.12.47 – 1.5 cm x 1.0 cm

Object 36.12.48 – 1.8 cm x 1.5 cm

Object 36.12.49 – 1.4 cm x 1.0 cm


Kuaua Pueblo ( LA 187)

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