The Seeds Have Sprouted

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Thankfully over the last week, we have had four days with rain here at Coronado Historic Site. According to the National Weather Service, we had close to 3/4 of an inch in total, and more rain is predicted for today. We are sure that the seedlings loved the rain, and that has inspired them to sprout in the last two days. Also, over the last week, we had plenty of seeds left over from the Community Seed Grant that Native Seeds provided for us, so we shared! We gave seeds to the Master Gardeners of New Mexico, to some of our volunteers, and even to some local tribal members.

So far the plants that have sprouted include; corn, beans, squash, azafran, and sunflowers. We are expecting the amaranth and gourdes to make an appearance within the next few days. Despite the large amount of biodiversity present here at the site, we have had very little disturbance of the gardens. We did install a small rabbit fence around the perimeters, which seems to deter our fluffy neighbors from snacking on our seedlings.

We have had a tremendous amount of interest in the waffle gardens from our visitors. Most people are interested in the grid pattern, and the gardens have lead to great conversations about prehistoric agriculture in New Mexico between our rangers, docents, and visitors. People are amazed at the efficiency of the three sisters agriculture, and our ability to interpret this agricultural innovation will only improve as the plants mature.

Be sure to check back next Friday for an update!

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CLICK HERE to learn more about Native Seeds, an organization out of Tucson, Arizona that provided us with a Community Seed Grant.

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