Visitor Spotlight

Painting Duo

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On May 23, a pair of long-time best friends, Keya Horn and Dixy Lee Gilbert, decided to visit Coronado Historic Site to learn about our history. The two share the hobby of painting, along with many other interests such as history and Native American culture. Keya paints with oils, and Dixy focuses on watercolors. They both paint landscapes, architecture, people, and animals. The two met in New York State 23 years ago, and have been friends ever since, and both ended up retiring in different parts of the Southwest.

Keya (pictured) is part of the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico, and will be showing her work at the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair from June 27th to June 29th. Keya was a French and Spanish instructor before she began painting, and she said, “I am unbelievably happy with what I am doing now”. She recently hiked the Chil Koot Trail in Alaska, and has previously lived in Oaxaca, Spain, and France.

Dixy (not pictured) is part of the Pima Painting Club in Tucson Arizona, and enjoys painting as a hobby, and she does not sell her work. As a result she said her walls are completely covered by her paintings. Dixy lives in Arizona and remarked, “In Tucson the brush can dry before you even get it to the paper”. For this reason she tends to do more of her painting indoors in a climate controlled environment.

The two chose a somewhat unique afternoon to visit and paint, there were beautiful clouds in the sky and they intermittently spit out rain at the painters. Keya said ” I have never painted in the rain before”. We enjoyed the visit from the two artists, and we hope that they stop back by!

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