Visitor Spotlight

A Unique Perspective of Kuaua

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On May 16th we were visited by Ken Rowin from New York State. Ken is a photography enthusiast, and has come to workshop with a man named Steve Simmons who lives in Corrales, NM. Steve Simmons runs a periodical called View Camera: The Journal of Large-Format Photography. Ken was shooting images of Coronado Historic Site with a Toko View Camera, despite the appearance of the device, it is actually a modern camera. Ken says that he can purchase supplies and develop his pictures fairly easily in New York. When asked what sparked his interest in this type of photography he said, “it is the opposite of digital”. He enjoys the fact that it is a slow process, and it requires a lot of thought and planning as opposed to the popular digital point and shoot cameras which are common today.

Ken says that the camera takes a four by five inch negative, and is processed in a dark room. He has also taken photographs of historic Corrales and the Petroglyph National Monument. When looking through the view screen on the camera, the image is projected both upside down and backwards, which can make adjusting the frame somewhat confusing, but he says after a while you get used to it. The view cameras are often used to take photographs of architecture, landscapes, and even portraits.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Steve Simmons and view cameras. We thank Ken for his visit, and hope he has safe travels.

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